Conexus Medstaff break down Direct Hire and Staffing Agencies.

Full Breakdown: Staffing Agency vs Direct Hire [DOWNLOAD]

One of the more frequently asked questions we deal with from international nurses is whether Conexus Medstaff is a Direct Hire agency.

The answer to that is no: We are not Direct Hire. Rather, Conexus Medstaff is an international staffing agency that specializes in placing international nurses in American healthcare facilities. That means we'll be your employer whilst you work in the US at one of our many client hospitals.  

Your decision to start your US RN adventure with a direct hire company or an international staffing agency, like Conexus Medstaff, is your personal choice. Yet it is important to do as much research as possible before signing a contract.

Which narrows it down to one simple question when choosing a nurse staffing agency: Direct Hire or Staffing Agency?

We have an opinion on this. So we’ve put together a list of the advantages of using an international nurse staffing agency like us.

More Security

By using a staffing agency like Conexus Medstaff, you’ll benefit by having even more security. That applies both from the standpoint of trustworthiness, a job, and your immigration status.

You will have a job waiting for you, in one of our many healthcare organizations, when you arrive in the USA. You don't need to worry that your job will disappear or be filled by another candidate before you have your embassy interview. During the hiring process, when our medical facilities want you and everything checks out, you’re in.

This isn't the case with direct hire agencies. A significant downside to using a Direct Hire company is that your job can disappear before you have your embassy interview. That means your visa won’t be issued, delaying the trajectory for your US career journey.

VERDICT: Advantage, Staffing Agency.

No Fee to Pay

A damning part of our industry is the hidden upfront fees you have to pay to be placed. Direct hire agencies are to blame for this perception amongst international healthcare professionals. 

The way we see it is this: If a recruitment agency ever asks you for money up front, you need to look elsewhere.

Here's the reality of staffing agencies: Conexus Medstaff does not charge our candidates any upfront fees. We think that’s an underhanded way to place top-notch talent.

We pay for your visa processing for your EB-3 permanent residency visa, also known as a green card. That’s our approach to international recruitment. We want to work with you and our by building a trusting relationship with you and our clients.

VERDICT: Advantage, Staffing Agency.

Painless Sponsorship Process

A quality staffing agency like Conexus Medstaff is a cut above in this industry because we are with you for every step of the way. 

Our in-house Immigration team will guide you through and process your visa application. We realize that visa processes are lengthy and often confusing. Through in-house knowledge and contacts, Conexus Medstaff makes it manageable and straight-forward for an international registered nurse. Plus, that’s one less headache that allows you to focus on the role.

VERDICT: Advantage, Staffing Agency.

Never-ending Support

Once you arrive in the USA, our role in working with you is only the beginning.

This starts with the Conexus Medstaff benefits package we’ve put together to make your new life in the USA easier for you and your family. One of those is the Conexus Medstaff team will always be there to guide and support you throughout the duration of your 5,000-hour contract with us and beyond.

VERDICT: Advantage, Staffing Agency.

Beyond the 5,000 hour contract

A staffing agency, for instance, is the right choice for someone who wants to be more than a tourist nurse. We'll work with you beyond the contract, putting you and our healthcare clients in a position to extend the contract. Thus, you and your family are in a better position to set down roots and forge a career in America.

VERDICT: Advantage, Staffing Agency.

You Were Meant to Be Here From the Beginning

We are not just there for you on day one: it’s for the long haul. It’s our M.O. to support you and remain by your side every day! You will become a part of the Conexus Community and will be visited by our friendly and supportive Operations Team on a regular basis.


VERDICT: Advantage, Staffing Agency.

Download your free guide to acclimating nurses to US healthcare standards. Getting US Ready is free to download.

DOWNLOAD: Getting US Ready

We’ve written elsewhere that it’s no small task to take on a move to a different country as a registered nurse. That’s the case whether you’re in hospice care, surgical or ER.

Living and working in the USA is a common dream shared by many from around the world. The good news is that it is within reach, especially if you are a registered nurse!

To get things started, register with Conexus Medstaff’s cost-effective international nurse recruitment team. And be sure to learn about our Training Program in our free Conexus Medstaff guide, Getting US Ready. It offers insights on a wealth of aspects in US nursing to understand before you start your role.


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