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Fa Qs For Visa Sponsorships
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International Nurse Visa Sponsorship - Changed Forever

  • Publish Date: Posted about 5 years ago
  • Author:by Kate Andrews

By 2026, there will be a deficit of 240,000 RNs in the US. Other studies have produced figures suggesting that a skills shortage reckoning is on the way for nurses.

Factors abound: younger generations aren’t interested in nursing. Moreover, the profession itself is increasingly approaching retirement age, meaning their skills go with them. 

With such a huge demand for nurses, non-US nurses looking to move to the US (especially those in the Philippines) are in an advantageous position. 

Visa sponsorship can appear daunting at first glance, but Conexus Medstaff is making the process more straightforward by acting as a key partner to international nurses who are looking to make the move to the US.

Since our inception, Conexus MedStaff has set out to mitigate the old guard of ineffective agencies. We do that by remaining alongside nurses from application to placement and beyond. It’s led to us forging ever-lasting partnerships throughout their nursing career. For clients, nurse visa sponsorship means nurses with peace of mind - locked in professionalism from an unburdened staff.

In this article about international nurse sponsorship in the USA, our dedicated team has pulled together some of the most frequently asked questions regarding visa sponsorship and our unique approach. So, if you’re a non-US nurse or recently graduating in the US and looking to remain there to live and work, read on to find out why Conexus MedStaff has changed the face of visa sponsorship forever! 

QUESTION: Some agencies place you in many different contracts. This often leads to more work in a short space of time. Does Conexus do this?

ANSWER: We can offer that. But our specialty is 5000-hour assignments in a single location. That means we don’t lock nurses into extremely long time periods like other recruiters. Which, in turn, means greater autonomy for nurses. 

Additionally, placement in a single location provides the opportunity for nurses to build relationships with colleagues and develop their skills further. And for clients, the added bonus of retaining top quality staff.

Q: The USA is expansive. With so many different states to work in, where do I even begin?

A: With more than 200 clients across the country, the Conexus MedStaff team can assist in placing candidates across a range of states. Your placement depends on many more factors than just who’s hiring at that moment; we want to know your personal requirements, whether that’s proximity to schools for your children, transport links, and, of course, your personal preference.

Here's another thing to consider. Many states in the USA have unique, often different, accreditations and requirements to be a registered medical worker, including as a registered nurse. Conexus MedStaff has both the experience and a broad client base in each of the states we work in. This ensures international nurses coming to work in America have the correct paperwork, experience, and skills. In turn, they can also access a wide range of clients when an assignment is completed if they so choose.

Q: Will I hear from Conexus once I’m placed?

A: Of course! We work beyond the placing nurses in assignments and remain alongside them to help progress their careers. We also offer our nurses a wide range of benefits to help take care of them long into the future, including help with planning retirement with our simple IRA Pension Plan with Fidelity where your contributions are matched by up to 3%. 

Q: What are the sign-up costs?

A: Unlike some healthcare recruitment agencies, there are zero upfront sign-up costs for nurses registering with Conexus MedStaff. This is something we take particular pride in. Often, our industry is plagued by onerous, unnecessary fees that slow down the staffing process. 

Combine this with our end-to-end commitment to our nurses and the benefits they're afforded with us. With all that going for us, we feel that those fees are a hindrance in the relationships we want to build with our candidates. Here at Conexus MedStaff, you can think about the long-term to build a career and a life in America.

Q: Can I contact Conexus if my sponsorship is about to end?

A: Conexus MedStaff actively encourages a dialogue with nurses’ whose sponsorships are about to end. We can help them to extend their stay. Having long-standing relationships with US-based medical employers pays great dividends for candidate and client alike. 

We are well-versed and perfectly placed to help ensure further employment opportunities for existing nurses. There's such a strong demand for nurses in the US. With experience already accrued, we think you shouldn't have to worry about your sponsorship being extended.

Q: When I’ve been placed, can Conexus help with continuous learning, or will I need to seek this myself?

Getting US Ready is a free guide from Conexus Medstaff. Download today.

A: We’re passionate about the continuous learning and development of all of our nurses. That’s why we provide up to $5,000 of academic materials during your assignment with Conexus MedStaff - all for free. We will support you in finding the correct programs, courses, and onsite learning so you can continue to develop and flourish in your nursing career. 

Conexus MedStaff can help nursing professionals ensure their dream of living and working in the US becomes a reality. This includes helping with the necessary paperwork, securing your placement and supporting you when it’s time for the big move and far beyond. 

Our US Ready training program (DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE) focuses on your smooth transition to a US healthcare facility workforce. This educational program is a custom set of training modules for international nurses taking up a placement with Conexus MedStaff. Designed by our in-house Clinical Nurse Educator, we will make sure you are as fully prepared as you can be for your move to the US. Get US Ready with Conexus MedStaff today!