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Direct Hire: The Myths

  • Publish Date: Posted over 5 years ago
  • Author:by Kate Andrews

We’ve seen a lot of “facts” floating around on social media about direct staffing vs staffing agency recently. So we thought it's time for us to put the record straight and get serious on the subject of direct staffing vs staffing agency. We’ve put together some of the pitfalls of direct staffing so that you can make an informed choice about which route is best for you:

Myth: Your visa won’t be denied if you go via the direct hire route.

FACT: This is simply not true. There is a chance that anyone’s US visa can be denied. The key to increasing your chances of overcoming being denied and for your visa to be approved are to use an agency that you trust. Make sure to check the credentials of their Immigration team – in our view you deserve the best team of experts working with you on your US journey. You could always ask them what their current approval rate is too. Last time we checked Conexus Medstaff were working at a very high approval rate, all thanks to our expert Immigration team.

Myth: Direct hire pays more.

FACT: This isn’t always the case. Salaries are bound by the prevailing wage of a state. This is a figure that is set by the US Government and so both direct hire and staffing agencies, like Conexus Medstaff, are bound by the same prevailing wage determination. The prevailing wage of a state depends on the cost of living in that state.

For example, a state with a high cost of living could see a prevailing wage of $35.00/hr, whereas a state with a lower cost of living the prevailing wage would be lower. You could be earning $25.00/hour which could be a lot in one state, but in another state you may struggle to pay your bills. This is a very fair and equal approach by the US Government.  Make sure to ask what the salary will be in the state you will be placed – as the state you are placed in can make a big difference to what salary it is you will actually receive.

On top of this never believe that all staffing agencies take money from your salary. Conexus Medstaff doesn’t deduct any money from our nurses’ salaries from the hours they have worked – we are paid by the hospital!

Myth: You will get to the USA quick if you go through direct hire.

FACT: Again this is a myth. The time that it takes you to get to the USA comes down to your Priority Date. Neither direct hire nor staffing agencies can change the Priority Date so keep this in mind when you hear that you will get to the USA quick through direct staffing. In fact, your journey to the USA could take significantly longer through direct hire as there is the risk the job you were originally offered could be filled by someone else before you’ve even had your embassy interview meaning your visa won’t be released and your journey will be delayed. You will not face this risk using a staffing agency and will not need to worry that your job will disappear.

Besides these factors above there are some other important things you must take into account before deciding on the right path for you, read our blog on why picking to start your US RN journey with a staffing agency can provide you with more security, a painless sponsorship process, never-ending support and will never require you to pay any fee.

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