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Conexus Medstaff knows there are plenty of ways you can be a key contributor in your nursing team.
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USA Nursing Jobs - Value of Teamwork

  • Publish Date: Posted over 5 years ago
  • Author:by Kate Andrews

It is important to understand how vital teamwork is in U.S. nursing. Caring for patients is a healthcare team activity. Not only is teamwork essential to getting the job done it is paramount to patient safety and care. High functioning teams are twice as effective as independent working and ensure that the patient is providing with the best support.

Teamwork within the unit not only provides support for patients, but it also allows registered nurses to support each other in times of stress. For example, studies like those conducted by Kalish B. Lee, H. and Rechman, M., have shown that the positive outcomes of teamwork in nursing lead to better job satisfaction and help reduce stress and burnout.

There are plenty of ways you can be a key contributor in your U.S. nursing team:

Be a good communicator

Teamwork leads to more effective communication. Teamwork in the nursing unit allows for more reasoned decision making and increased information sharing, ensuring that patients receive the highest quality of care possible as fewer errors are made. It is vital to always check that what you are communicating is understood by the staff member you are communicating with.

Get to know your U.S. nursing team

Coordination is key. Everyone has their own contribution to make depending on their skills, abilities, and talents. Get to know who does what role and also be aware of your own role within your team. This allows for tasks to be divided easily and quickly, and ultimately, for everyone to reach the same common goal.

Support your U.S. nursing team

Look after everyone in your team and watch out for signs of stress and overload in your colleagues. Flexibility and adaptability to help others in time of need are important in ensuring patient safety and also the wellbeing of your colleagues. Even the smallest of tasks can be a real helping hand.

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