Achieve your US RN Dream (No Fee to Pay!)

You may have seen that Conexus Medstaff visited South Korea earlier this month to meet registered nurses who are considering making the move to the USA and looking for a sponsor for their EB-3 visa (look no further!) We were overjoyed with the reception we received from the South Korean Government and feel so proud to work alongside HRD Korea/ KOHI in helping promote overseas work for Korean nationals. It is always a privilege to meet people and organizations who share the same values as us.

We believe that South Korean registered nurses, and other international registered nurses from across the world, are a true asset to hospitals in the USA. They bring with them a wealth of nursing knowledge and a passion to succeed, qualities that make world-class nurses who always practice with compassion, dignity and respect.

Besides sponsoring international registered nurses to work in the USA on the EB-3 visa and supporting them through the immigration process required to move to the USA, we offer a package of benefits that help international registered nurses to feel at home and settled as soon as they arrive in the USA to work and live, like the cost of flights to the USA, the first 30 days of accomodation and a deployment bonus. Not to mention an addtional $1,000 bonus if a registered nurse already has their NCLEX-RN.

What’s more is that we will never charge a sign on fee to international registered nurses that apply directly with us, unlike many agencies in South Korea who request registered nurses to pay high sign on fees. 

To start your application and find out about how Conexus Medstaff can make your US RN dream come true, apply with us directly today – there shouldn’t be a financial cost to achieving your American Dream!


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