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Guenjae's Story

  • Publish Date: Posted over 5 years ago
  • Author:by Kate Andrews

Guenjae, an International U.S. Graduate, got in touch with Conexus after hearing about how we help international nursing graduates continue their healthcare career in the USA after graduating from University in America on their OPT. 

Through our graduate visa sponsorship program, Guenjae was able to plan his future in the U.S. doing the job he loves – nursing. We got together with Guenjaeto to ask him a few questions about how his journey started, his passion for nursing, and what his career goals are in the U.S. 

Conexus Medstaff: Hello Guenjae, where is home for you and how did your journey in to Nursing start?

Guenjae: “For me, home is the place where the people I love the most are. Physical location doesn’t matter. My journey into nursing started in 2007 at Erie Community College, I then went to University at Buffalo College of Nursing for my undergrad school. After that, I moved to Cincinnati for my Master’s degree in Occupational and Environmental Nursing, and also for my work.

CM: What made you decide to study for your Nursing degree in the USA?

G: “There is no better place than the USA to widen my world view and perspectives because the US is well known as a ‘melting pot.’”

CM: Tell us more about why you chose to become an RN and what being an RN means to you?

G: “I was always interested, and found great joy when I was helping and serving people. When I found out about the field of nursing, I thought that is was perfect for me. I enjoy having a therapeutic relationship with a patient and their family members. I love to learn about patient health and social history too. The fact that I become part of a patient’s life story (I hope) and influence them in a positive way. I love whenever I see a patient become better.”

CM: What do you enjoy most about being in the USA?

G: “I enjoy learning about different cultures (race, gender, ethnicity…) I enjoy traveling all around the USA to larger cities, visiting sites of beautiful nature, and also experiencing the different climates.”

CM: So, how did you hear about us?

G: “I searched online for an international staffing agency and came across BONA CARE (now PANSEE). PANSEE partnered with Conexus and directed me to you. Conexus handled my application and placement process very professionally and efficiently. The interview process was done via phone and video conference, I loved the warm and encouraging interviewers!”

CM: How did you find our process?

G: “Conexus tried everything they could to fulfill my preferences when it came to the location of the hospital and the department I wanted to work. They were very flexible for the transition process, taking into account my schedule for school and work before relocating me to my placement. The staff at Conexus were very kind and showed my family genuine hospitality and caring”

CM: Would you recommend Conexus to other F1/OPT International USA Graduates looking to stay living and working in the U.S. after graduating from their healthcare degree?

G: “So far, I have totally enjoyed every moment with Conexus, and would recommend them to other International RN Graduates.”

CM: What’s your dream for your future in the U.S.?

G: “I dream to have permanent status and permanent job in the USA so that I can bring my parents here and live together.”

CM: Finally, what would you say to other International RN Graduates in the U.S. who want to remain living and working in America after graduating?

G: “I would tell them that in the USA, the number one trusted occupation is always a Nurse! People treat nurses in America better than in any other country. There are unlimited opportunities if you become an RN in the USA.

“Yes, you made the right choice to stay in the USA to live and work. Choose what you want to be and work hard. One day, before you even know, you will become what you wanted to be.”

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