Maria's Story

RN Maria, and her family, have already joined the Conexus team in the USA and are settling in to the American way of life perfectly. Before Maria made the move to the USA she was happy to share her story with us on what inspired her to make the decision to move to the US. 

Hi, I’m Maria and I have been working as a registered nurse for 15 years.

I decided to become a nurse after witnessing my siblings’ interest and devotion for the profession. As they express their sentiments for caring for people, I felt that it’s something I could be good at too! What I find most rewarding about nursing is a strong feeling of accomplishment and self-worth in being involved for touching someone’s life. Nursing for me is a noble profession for many reasons.

I was inspired to become a nurse in the USA because of job security and many opportunities for advancement. I will be moving to the USA with my family!

I choose to be sponsored by Conexus Medstaff because of their experienced and their capability to provide better service as well as their attentiveness to your needs.

What I will miss most about home is my family especially my ailing mother, however the thing I am most looking to about living in the USA is the new adventure and the continuous learning opportunity. For me, being a nurse is more than a job or even a career, its happiness and wealth.

My dream is to see my kids later in life with a fulfilling career they can be proud of.

If nursing is your passion, get in touch with us today and let's plan your life-changing adventure to the USA. 

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