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Share Your Story: Mignon

  • Publish Date: Posted about 7 years ago
  • Author:by Kate Andrews

If there’s one thing we are proud of here at Conexus Medstaff, it’s our community of dedicated people; that’s our nurses out at work in the USA, our nurses who are waiting for their deployment date, our network of student nurses preparing for their exams, and not forgetting our nurse’s families and friends. 

We love hearing your stories and we are sure other people would love to hear them, too. Within our social community we want to make sure that everyone gets chance to share their story and to tell everyone what it’s really like to embark on a dream nursing career in the USA. 

Mignon's Story

Today, we are going to share Mignon’s story. Mignon arrived in the US last week with her husband and two kids!

Hi, I'm Mignon, a Registered Nurse from Philippines and I have been working as a nurse for 14 years and 6 months.

I admired nurses when I was a kid, so that’s one of the reasons I wanted to become a nurse. I liked looking at them in the white uniforms, so I dreamt of becoming one.

The thing I find most rewarding about nursing is when the patient I handle gets well. Especially when you are walking in the street and suddenly someone will stop you just to tell you,“Hey do you still remember me? I was your patient and you took good care of me.” And then they would say, “Thank you.”

I was inspired to become a nurse in the US. Not only is it a great opportunity, but also because all of my friends who have made the move to the US are successful both professionally and personally.

The hardest part of this process has been waiting for the visa application for several years. However, I chose to be sponsored by Conexus Medstaff because they take good care of their nurses. They have hospital clients and provide good opportunity. In addition, they have been very supportive and patient with me; it took me almost two years to pass my IELTS exam. I was already having problems - especially finances, as I should have been the one reaching out. But instead, Conexus Medstaff offered me help, so I can get through my IELTS. They immediately enrolled me in a review class and I passed the exam. Most of all, everybody in Conexus Medstaff are warm, accommodating and friendly.

What I will miss most about home is my family, friends and colleagues. However, I am really looking forward to living in the USA and the good working environment, friendly neighbourhood and comfortable life, which will include walking in the park with my family.

My dream is to provide my children with the best possible comfort in life!

To follow in Mignon's footsteps, start your US adventure today!