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Share Your Story: Benigno

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago
  • Author:by Kate Andrews

We have another #ShareyourStory for you. This one is from Benigno, a Registered Nurse from the Philippines, who has just this week deployed to the US with Conexus! It has been a 2 year wait for Benigno, but we are so happy that he has finally be able to join the Conexus Family along with his wife and daughter. Read Benigno's story to find out what inspired him to be a nurse and why he decided to travel to the US to further his career in nursing. 

Hi, I ‘m a Registered Nurse from the Philippines and I have been working as a nurse for almost 13 years. For 4 ½ years I worked as an ICU Nurse in the Philippines and then spent 8 years as a CCU/ Telemetry Nurse in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I decided to become a nurse due to the influence of my uncle who works as a Pharmacist in the United States. He says that a health profession like a Nurse is a very rewarding career in the US. I also find being a nurse really rewarding especially when we are appreciated for our care of a sick patient. I was inspired to become a nurse in the USA because it will be a new challenge and it will provide a pathway to a good future for my family! I will move to the US with my wife (Myla) and my daughter (Amira)

The hardest part of the process has been the waiting period. Conexus MedStaff has a very efficient recruiting system and a very reliable staff. When they recaptured my application from my previous agency, we were able to get our Immigrant Visa in just 2 years, despite of the hurdles and obstacles we’ve been through.

Even though I will miss my siblings, I am looking forward to a successful career as a Nurse and being able to provide my daughter with a better education.

My dream is very simple, financial stability through a successful nursing career!