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Share Your Story: Sheeba

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago
  • Author:by Kate Andrews

One of the things we are most proud of at Conexus MedStaff is our Conexus community of dedicated people: the Conexus international nurses and medical technologists who are already part of our family, our nursing candidates who are waiting for their deployment date or OPT to start working with us, our network of students preparing for their NCLEX exams, and the extended families and friends of all of Conexus. We love hearing your stories and we are sure other people would love to hear them too. We want to make sure that everyone gets chance to share their story and to tell everyone what it’s really like to embark on a dream healthcare career in the USA. #ShareyourStory.

We have been looking forward to sharing Sheeba's story! Sheeba's dedication to her dream nursing career in the USA has been reflected not only in her commitment to her work but also in her diligence and patience. It has been a long wait but we are so happy to finally be able to welcome Sheeba to the Conexus family:

I‘m a Registered Nurse from India where I have been working as a nurse for 22 years. The reason I decided to become a nurse 22 years ago was because nursing is a caring and very hands on profession, it also offered me a career that I could progress in. I have always got great satisfaction from nursing, and I still do!

I was inspired to become a nurse in the USA because of the better work ethics and also because of the amount of respect the profession brings, so I got in touch with Conexus because of their good reputation for providing sponsorship to health care workers. Although it has been a long wait for my priority date to become current, and it has been daunting to relocate to a new country, the staff at Conexus have been very approachable.

I have just deployed to North Carolina with my family, and although I will miss my parents and my friends from India, I am already looking forward to starting work and buying a house for my family! I am also really looking forward to taking a car trip to visit sights in the USA and fulfilling my dream to go on to study and gain higher qualifications.