Share Your Story: Michael and Charo

One of the things we are most proud of here at Conexus Medstaff is our community of dedicated people; that’s our healthcare professionals out at work in the USA, our candidates who are waiting for their deployment date, our network of student preparing for their exams, and not forgetting our candidate's families and friends. We love hearing your stories and we are sure other people would love to hear them too. We want to make sure that everyone gets chance to share their story and to tell everyone what it’s really like to embark on a dream healthcare career in the USA. That's why we have come up with #ShareyourStory. This week we are sharing the story of Registered Nurses, Michael and Charo who, along with their 3 young boys, will be moving from Canada to North Carolina next week: 

“My husband and I are nurses from Philippines. We moved to Canada 5 years ago with a dream to be successful RNs. Unfortunately, this dream, remained just what it is. Our journey to be RNs here turned out to be a very rough and steep path because of the unpredictable changes in registration requirements. We tried reaching out to other agencies/companies out there, asking if they could help us practice our profession in the US, but it seemed that they focus on what you don't have rather than what you have. We lost hope and we are already at the point of giving up.

Then, we learned about Conexus from a very dear friend who is now living the dream in the US. So we said, why not?! Let's give it one last try... Then, like a wave of a wand, by the end of this month, we will be flying to US! With Conexus, we felt that we matter; our dreams matter. We felt that we could still make our dreams come true and they have been there EVERY step of the way! It really feels good to know that there are people who believe in you; believe in your potential to be great in what you do; and believe that every person deserves a chance to excel and live the dream. They treated us professionally. They have encouraged us. They showed us that there is a better way; a better place to make our dreams happen and it's just a matter of choosing it and keep moving forward. And when they finally said "it's all happening now" we're overjoyed! God is good.... We are really glad that we have crossed paths with Conexus.

We know that there are a lot of international nurses out there (dedicated, talented, hardworking, smart and skillful--great nurses indeed!), in Canada (particularly) and perhaps in other places too, where becoming a nurse seems like reaching for an unreachable star (lol). If you're reading this --> take courage. We know it's scary to make that big leap but trust that it's all worth it. Choose to live your dream. Know that there is Conexus to help you make it happen.”


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