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Making the Move as a RN: Poland to the USA

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago
  • Author:by Kate Andrews

Calling all Polish Nurses! Are you looking for an exciting new adventure?  Would you like to enhance your career and increase your earnings? Have you become disheartened with the thought of working in Europe? Conexus has the answer! Here are our top 3 reasons to move to the USA:

1. More Certainty

With the shock of the “Brexit” result still echoing across Europe, many Europeans are left confused and concerned about a potential move to the UK and what this means for those who are already there. These concerns, coupled with the UK’s public health system, “the NHS”, currently facing a financial crisis described as “the worst financial position in a generation”, it’s no wonder that more and more nurses are choosing to swap Europe for the USA!

2. Exchange Rates

According to HMRC, the exchange rate between Polish Złoty and the GBP has fallen from 5.3878 Złoty per 1.00 GBP in May 2016 to 4.8348 Złoty per 1.00 GBP in November 2016. The average salary of a qualified RN in the USA is upward of $60,000 [6]. With the value of the GBP recently dropping to its lowest against the US Dollar in 31 years, we can’t think of a better time to move to the USA!

3. Your Dream Can Become a Reality in Just 9 MONTHS!

Yes, you read that right. You and your family could be mobilizing to your new home in less than a year’s time! For a Polish National, we are currently predicting that it will take around 9 months to process your EB-3 (Green Card) visa application. Benefits of the EB-3 visa include:

  • Permanent residency in the USA meaning you can continue to live and work in the USA, even when your contract with us has come to an end.

  • Ability to add a spouse and any dependents up to the age of 21 to your visa application. (As long as you are willing to cover additional costs for your family, they can mobilize with you to the USA too!)

  • Entitles your spouse to work in the USA.

  • Any children born whilst you are living in the USA will automatically become American Citizens.

So what are you waiting for? If you’d like to swap Poland for the USA, Conexus can assist you. Learn more about applying for work with Conexus Medstaff.