US Ready - Enabling International Healthcare workers to succeed in the USA workforce

There is a high demand for healthcare workers around the world and it is only going to increase. A majority of countries are expected to face a shortage of healthcare workers in the coming years. Nurses in particular make up a staggering proportion of the predicted shortage, with an estimated deficit of over 240,000 nurses in the USA in the next decade. We believe that the answer to the current problem the United States is facing, is the employment of internationally trained healthcare workers; who offer a solution to the inevitable demand for nursing staff in the USA and the growing needs of the US population.

However it is not as easy as simply employing foreign trained healthcare workers to begin practicing in the USA – uprooting them and their families from across the world and placing them within a USA facility. From years of experience of working with international trained nurses and other healthcare professionals, Conexus Medstaff has seen first-hand the challenges and obstacles that are faced when integrating internationally trained healthcare workers in to a USA healthcare workforce.

With the number of immigrant healthcare workers projected to continue to rise in the USA (having increased by 40% between 2006 and 2015) and with 15% of Registered Nurses in the USA being foreign-born, Conexus Medstaff understands the importance of supporting internationally educated nurses and healthcare workers as they enter and adjust to an American workplace and that’s why we have put together our bespoke, learning program ‘US Ready’ to help make the transition to a USA workplace smoother for all of those involved. Our ‘US Ready’ program has been designed by our in-house Trainer, a clinically experienced registered nurse, with over 10 years’ experience working in a clinical setting.

We feel that US Ready brings an added value of using Conexus Medstaff to fulfil your staffing needs. The US Ready program has been designed with international nurses in mind and focuses on practising in the USA and the nurse-led environment of US hospitals, as well as the social challenges of living in a new country. Our target, is to work with our client to understand their hospital needs and practices, through conversations with Unit Directors and Chief Nursing Offices (CNOs) we want to understand what’s important to your hospital and what you believe makes a nurse succeed. We will then use this feedback to produce a bespoke program specifically for your hospital.

The program will be made up of six different modules, each tailored to your hospital needs, and will focus on providing an overview of nursing in the USA as well as the following:

  • The role of a nurse in the USA
  • Patient Safety
  • Quality Improvement
  • Healthcare Relations
  • Communication
  • Nursing Informatics

All of our candidates will complete each of these modules, touching on practices such as medication administration and charting on Electronic Health System Records (E.H.R), before they are presented to our USA hospitals. US Ready enables our nurses to be better prepared, more confident and ready to go on the hospital floor quicker.

Another big, professional barriers international healthcare workers encounter are linguistic and cultural challenges. Whilst all Conexus’ nurses are presented to our USA hospital clients with the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) ensuring that they are safe to practice as nurse in the USA, we want to assure the overall competency of all our international healthcare workers, not just their clinical knowledge. US Ready will not only prepare our healthcare workers for practicing in the USA but it will also enhance the language proficiency of all our nurses – who already hold the IELTS - to help further improve their oral communication skills in a healthcare setting. Communication barriers are often linked to practice error. Differences in pronunciation, terminology, and accents can lead to misunderstanding across a healthcare team as well as with patients. Enhancing the language and communication skills of international nurses gets them ready to working in a USA hospital but it has also been found it helps decrease the potential health risks caused by linguistic confusion.

US Ready will also focus on the cultural adjustments international healthcare workers must make when they transition to the USA to work and live. American work ethic, social cues, unspoken communication and workplace hierarchies can differ vastly to those in foreign countries, and so international healthcare workers can often feel overwhelmed and confused as they try to navigate their new professional environments. US Ready will act to complement the thorough hospital Orientation our healthcare workers receive on arriving in the USA to begin their healthcare career, as well as the added psychosocial and logistical support that is provided from the Conexus team throughout their time with us.

We believe that international nurses and other healthcare workers are crucial when addressing the shortage of healthcare workers in the United States, that’s why we hold the firm belief that their expanding skillsets and experiences are invaluable to the communities that they serve.
To hear more about our US Ready program and how we set our healthcare workers up for success in their new workplace in the USA, please get in touch.