Our recruitment process


Selection Process

Congratulations on taking the first step on the path to a truly rewarding career working abroad. Our aim is to make the process as simple as possible for you and to provide all the assistance you need.

In this section, you’ll find out more about the selection process, what you’ll need to do and what our commitment to you means.

With Conexus, your journey towards working internationally begins with these steps

1. Application

Applying via our website is simple: just complete the application form and attach your CV.

2. Review

As part of our screening process, we’ll review your application and CV and then be in touch to let you know if your qualifications and experience match our clients’ criteria. For all our Consultant positions, our clients require a minimum of a medical degree together with qualifications and experience gained in a Western setting.

3. Available Positions

We’ll inform you of any available positions and, if you’re happy to proceed, we’ll send your details directly to the relevant hiring departments so they can review your application internally.

4. Interview

If the client is interested in taking your application further, we will arrange an interview, either by Skype or telephone, with the Head of Department. This is an ideal opportunity to ask any questions about the role, the hospital, or working in the Middle East generally.

Of course, your Conexus contact will be in regular touch throughout the whole process to offer you the support you may need and answer questions you may have about any aspect of this exciting next step in your professional career.


Applying for a visa to live and work in the Middle East can be time-consuming and complex. This is why we and our partner hospitals will completely handle this process for you.

In this section we explain the steps that Conexus and your new employer will take.

Obtaining a work visa

The hospital will request a work visa for you from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs once you have signed your formal offer of acceptance. We will then work with the hospital to obtain a visa on your behalf. Once you have received your work visa we will work with the hospital to arrange your travel to the Middle East.


Once you have received your visa invitation from the hospital, you need to submit your passport and documents to your local embassy in order to receive a visa stamp. Once you have been selected by the client following a successful interview, you should have your documents ready to present. This will speed up the visa process. Your educational qualifications and experience credentials will also need to be verified. In addition, you will require police clearance and you will need to undergo an extensive medical examination. Once credentialing is complete, you will then receive a visa invitation to present to your local embassy. 

Residency visas

A residency visa, which is different from a work visa, entitles you to stay in the Middle East on a long-term basis and will be arranged by the hospital for which you work.


In order to work in the Middle East you must have a license.

All physicians must obtain a license issued by the relevant Middle Eastern country’s Ministry of Health. If you don’t already have an active license, the hospital you work for will apply for the license on your behalf.

If you would like to find out more about working in the Middle East, please contact the Conexus team today.