Not from the US? You can still work as a US RN with Conexus Medstaff

Outside the US

If you are an Allied Health professional and would like to apply to work in the USA, we will need to apply for you an EB-3, EB-2 or H-1B Visa, depending on your circumstances.

An EB-3 visa is required to live and work in the USA. You will be eligible to apply for an EB-3 if you are a skilled worker or a professional. Skilled workers include people who have trained for at least two years to enable them to do their job to a high standard. Professional means that you have the equivalent to a US baccalaureate degree and hold membership of a professional organization.

EB-2 visas apply to professionals wishing to work in the USA who have completed advanced degrees (Master’s degree or higher) in their specialist area or who demonstrate exceptional ability which will enrich the nation economically, culturally or educationally.

A H-1B visa for the US allows American companies to employ highly-specialized employees for occupations which require a high standard of technical expertise. The minimum entry requirement is a Bachelor’s or higher degree (or equivalent) which must be specific to the field in which you work. The H-1B visa has two different routes, the capped and the uncapped. Luckily for us, some of our major clients satisfy the uncapped criteria, meaning that we can apply for this visa all year round and do not have to worry about the quota of visa applications filling quickly, unlike the capped route!  

What do I need to do now? 

You don’t need to worry about a thing when it comes to obtaining your visa. One of our Immigration specialist will coordinate the visa processing with the USCIS, NVC and the CEAC on your behalf.

Visa processing times can vary, so keep up to date with any changes by following Conexus on Facebook where we provide regular updates from the US Department of State or for more information about visas, please contact the Conexus team today.