FAQs for international allied health

Can I refer a friend/colleague?

Our team would be delighted to receive qualified referrals from any of our existing candidates. Conexus actively encourages candidate referrals by offering a “referral bonus” for successful candidates. The referral bonus would be paid in two parts. The first part of the bonus, in the amount of $250.00 USD, would be paid to you once the new candidate you had referred change of sponsor has been submitted and approved by USCIS. The second part of the bonus, in the amount of $250.00 USD, will be paid to you upon the new candidate you referred arriving in the USA for his/her assignment with Conexus. In total, if you refer a qualified nurse, once he/she completes the process and is in the USA, you will have received $500.00 USD for the referral.

How will I get paid?

One of the major attractions for healthcare professionals either working abroad is the generous pay check and benefits. 

Conexus believes in transparency when it comes to pay. When you apply for a role with us, you will be informed of the pay scale appropriate to your qualifications and experience and always in line with the prevailing wage, as well as any other benefits which the job may offer.

As part of our commitment to you professional integrity and long term career development, we always offer experience and qualification-appropriate salary advice.

For added peace of mind, we handle all your salary and benefits payments in-house, dealing with the administration and currency conversion, and can pay by direct deposit straight into your bank account. The means that you don't have to worry about getting paid on time when you are working abroad, and can concentrate on enjoying your new life overseas.

Will I need to pay any fees to Conexus?

At Conexus, we do not charge our candidates any fee for our sponsorship. All of our fees are covered by our hospital clients once we have placed the candidate with them in the USA. Please note however that in the event that a candidate should break their contract, they would then be responsible for the cost of Conexus' liquidated damages. The reason for this is that if a candidate failed to fulfil their agreed number of hours, our client would not reimburse our fee.

What additional benefits does Conexus offer?

In addition to covering the cost of your visa application, Conexus would also cover the cost of

  • Your mobilization flight to the USA

  • Your First 30 days of accommodation on arrival to the USA

  • 60 percent of your medical/dental insurance while you are working for Conexus.

On your arrival in the USA, you would also receive a $1000 deployment bonus.

Can I add my spouse/family member to my visa application?

This will depend on the type of visa you apply for. To find out more about what visa's we offer for Allied Health professionals, visit our visa page or contact one of our team who will be happy to tell you more. 

How long will it take to process my visa application?

The amount of time that it will take to process your visa application is ultimately dependent on the movement of the “current” priority date for your particular nationality. “Current priority dates” are issued monthly via the visa bulletin board. Although we would need to wait for your priority date to become “current” in order to obtain your visa, we are still able to make predictions on the visa processing time based on our vast experience and also the feedback that we have received from our immigration specialists and US attorneys. See our visa section for the latest update on timings.

Do I need to have passed the IELTS exam in order to apply with Conexus?

If you have taken your education in the USA or UK then there is no need for you to pass the IELTS exam. In other cases, although having valid IELTS results would strengthen your application, it is not a requirement needed in order for you to apply with Conexus. At the same time, it is important to be aware that you will need to pass the IELTS exam at some point in the process in order for us to obtain your visa screen. If you are successfully employed by Conexus and need to (re)take the IELTS exam, we would assist you with this by reimbursing you for the cost of the exam that you passed on your arrival to work for us in the US.

Which version of the IELTS exam will I need to take and what score will I need?

You will need to take the “academic” as opposed to “general” version of the IELTS Exam. The minimum score needed in order to obtain your visa screen is “7” on the speaking section with an overall band score of “6.5”.   

How long do IELTS results remain valid?

Your IELTS exam will remain valid for two years. In the event that you have a valid visa screen however, you will not need to retake the IELTS exam unless your visa screen is also due to expire. A visa screen will remain valid for five years.