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Your dream location might be closer than you think

Obtaining a visa to work in a different country can be a complex and time-consuming process and it can often be difficult to know where to start.

Conexus is on-hand to take all your pain away 

We look after every stage of your visa application and processing so you don’t have to. We will let you know the documentation you need to provide to us and advise on the ideal type of visa that suits you and your circumstances. We will do the hard work for you to ensure the process runs as smoothly and quickly as possible. 

How long will I have to wait?

The visa processing time depends entirely on where you are from and the type of visa you need. Our team is always on hand to talk through this with you, or you can select one of the options below for the area you’re looking to work in to find out more about visa types and processing times.

If you are an international nurse, please click here to find out how long your visa might take.

If you are an international allied health professional, please click here to find out how long your visa might take.

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To find out more about the type of visa you need and how Conexus can help you secure it, we need some more information from you. Click here to find your area of expertise. There you will find process and timeline information tailored to you.

If you are struggling to find an answer to your queries please contact a member of the Conexus team to find out more on visa processing times and documents required to start the process. Or visit our FAQs page or contact our team today. 

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