The future is bright for international USA healthcare graduates who continue their American adventure with Conexus Medstaff.

International USA Graduates

Conexus aims to be the #1 provider of capable international graduates with an F-1 or OPT visa that wants to work as a nurse in the US. We have the credentials to turn you into a best practice nurse across a variety of disciplines and offer you life-altering career opportunities.

So, if you’re an international student in the US who wants to stay in the US as a practicing nurse, let’s talk. The Conexus Medstaff team are about one thing: delivering high-quality nursing talent to our 200 plus American clients.

ALTERNATIVELY: Did you graduate outside the US, but have three years of nursing experience? We can work with you, too.

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Guide for International Graduates

Whether you are on the F1 or the OPT check out our guide to find out all you need to know about making the transition from a US international graduate to a US healthcare professional in the USA and how we can help you. 

Where will your adventure take you?

Where our Hospital are located

Alabama Alabama Arizona Arizona Colorado Colorado Georgia Georgia Utah Utah Indiana Indiana Kansas Kansas Kentucky Kentucky Louisiana Louisiana Maine Michigan Michigan Mississippi Mississippi North Carolina North Carolina New Hampshire New Mexico New Mexico Nevada Nevada Pennsylvania Pennsylvania South Carolina South Carolina Tennessee Tennessee Texas Texas Utah Virginia Virginia Washington Wisconsin Wisconsin West Virginia West Virginia Wyoming Wyoming

Our Benefits

International USA Graduates

Let us help you get your dream healthcare position straight after graduating from your Nursing and Allied Health degree from an American college or university. Once you graduate from university in the USA we will place you in to your first healthcare position on your Optional Practice Training (OPT) then, whilst you are working with us on your OPT, the team at Conexus Medstaff will secure your Green Card, permanant residency visa (EB3) so that you can start planning your future career as a registered nurse or allied health professional in the USA. Don't have your OPT available? Let's talk about it. 

Over 100 Hospitals

We place our international heathcare graduates in America's most developed hospitals. We have 180 hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the USA who want to invest in the future of international USA healthcare graduates, and with these hospitals located across over 20 different USA states, there's bound to be a place where you want to live and work. 

Visa and Immigration Support

Our friendly, in-house Immigration Team will handle and process your Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and Green Card, permanant residency visa (EB3) for you for no fee, leaving you time to concentrate on pursuing your dream of working as a graduate healthcare professional in the USA. 

Getting you from A to B

Whether you choose to drive or fly, you will recieve an attractive travel package to help you get from A to B as well as our help in organizing your journey to your new location in the USA. 

$1,000 Deployment Bonus

You will recieve a tax-free $1,000 (USD) Deployment Bonus when you starting working with us. Call it our way of saying 'Thank You' for choosing to continue your American adventure with Conexus Medstaff.

Supportive Communities

We know how daunting it can be to move to a new area or a new place of work, even though we think you're already a pro! Nontheless, we make sure to only place new graduates in hospitals and communities where we already have a strong community of international USA graduates and international healthcare professionals. Our healthcare professionals don't call it the Conexus Family for nothing! 

12 Week Orientation 

We won't leave you in at the deep end. We make sure that all our hospitals enroll our international USA graduates on a 12 week Orientation. 

Paid Time Off

That's right, working with Conexus Medstaff means you are entitled to paid-time off. We think this is the perfect excuse to go and explore the USA! 


No need to worry about your first months rent, we will pay for your first 30 days of accomodation in your new community. Looking to find a room mate? We can put you in touch with our other international USA graduates working in the same hospital as you.  

Setting you up for Success

We are much more than a recruiter. There's more to us than finding you your perfect healthcare job in the USA. The Conexus Team are here to support you every step of the way, socially and professionally. Your future in the USA is important to us, even after completing your assignemnt with us, that's why we help to set you up for a future of success in the USA by inviting you to join our US Ready continued learning programme. 


We will pay 60% of your health and dental insurance. 

Safe Practice

We advocate safe practice. That's why we pay for your medical liability insurance.

Our Testimonials

  • The first time I had encountered Conexus Med Staff was during the time given to them by Rachell Allen to speak and introduce their Program to our Batch. Honestly speaking, it was a very transparent and detailed presentation of how they can be of help to my USRN dream. Sir Andrew, Ms. Cynthia and Sir Benjie was there to answer questions and explain altogether. Soon after passing my NCLEX-RN. I responded to the email that they had sent me and signed up with them on August, 2017.

    Conexus was there every step of the way carefully answering all my queries, assisting my application to make sure everything was well taken care of. God is good! My priority date got approved this May 2018 and patiently waiting for it to become current.

    Nimjoy, US RN
  • My application with Conexus was so far smooth sailing, I came to know them during my review with Rachell Allen together with one of my friends, we decided to submit ourCVs. I passed all the interviews and the clinical exam. After I signed the contract, they kept on updating me with the process and able to answer my queries all the time. My I-140 was filed in November 2017, it was worth the wait since I got my approval in May 2018. I am grateful for the care that Conexus has given me because they treat me like a family. 

    Marriane, US RN
  • I would like to thank my Conexus and Rachell Allen family for their never ending support . I have my NCLEX and IELTS review with RA and thank God I passed. I gave my 100% trust to Conexus Med Staff in fulfilling my American dream and they never failed me. I got a call from Conexus that they got my USCIS application approved. My PD is December 2017 and now waiting for my PD to be current. Just Trust the process and persevere

    Jim Oliver, US RN
  • I just wanted to let you know that I spoke to Cynthia. We had a great conversation and she was thorough in explaining all of my questions. I honestly think that you guys are awesome at Conexus! I appreciate all the assistance being rendered to me. 

    Charles, International USA Graduate - RN
  • I arrived in the United States in May 2018 with my husband and we will be based in Kentucky. We were well recieved by Ms. Tiffany who is our Operation Manager together with another two families, from India & from the Philippines. There was a metter and greet session with other nurses under Conexus alongside their families and they are all so nice and friendly! We soon became friends! It has only been a week here in Kentucky and I would say the place is calm and serene with many great sceneries. The locals here are very nice people and they always offer their help whenever they can. 

    Joselyn, US RN
  • Conexus made it easy for me to secure a RN job in the US. Cynthia, Marianne, Veronica and the whole Conexus team were there to support me from step 1. The best thing I liked about the team was they were always ready to answer my uncertainties and they on top of things, making sure everything will work out fine and even better. I am now working on a dream job that I thought would never have happened. Conexus helped me and my husband see brither future ahead. 

    Jexan, US RN
  • It’s not easy to leave everything behind, the comfort, the usual everyday things, but the time came to venture to a new chapter in my life. Thanks to Conexus this was made possible. It’s hard enough to go through all the process without guidance, but Conexus and their staff held my hand from start to finish. This was just a dream that I thought would never come true. Through the years they were constantly updating us on what was happening up to the dates of the interview at the embassy. Manila-based staff were kind enough to get me through step by step from my medical exam to the interview at the embassy. Finally the time came for our flight – everything was provided and we were guided through until we finally got to the US. It was a pretty long way just to get here but finally we did. Tom, Cynthia and Crystal (from Conexus) were kind enough to meet us at Charleston airport even though it was almost 1am and brought us to the hotel for the night, had rooms ready for us, and some breakfast that morning. Then a one hour drive wasn't a long one as they were talking us through what was going to happen for the week. They were with us through it all from getting around to buy stuff, helping us get settled in our comfortable apartments and meeting hospital personnel. I would like to thank the Staff of Conexus for everything they have done, for without the Lord's grace and guidance upon us this would not be possible. Thank you.

    Michelle S, US RN
  • I'll be forever grateful to Conexus for helping me achieve a once in a lifetime opportunity given to a selected few. Coming to America was never going to be easy, nevertheless, I kept myself busy working in UAE while the seemingly endless process is taking place so, without me knowing it, my deployment date was actually at hand! I still can't believe that my American Dream will happen but with prayers and keeping a hopeful heart - everything is possible! I'm equally grateful for today's technology that means, despite distance, I am able to communicate with Tom (at Conexus) and his staff, with regards to all the proceedings and requirements that their candidates need to comply. I would admit, it's a mutual effort from the candidate and Conexus. If I was non-compliant of whatever was asked of me, I wouldn't be here in Wyoming. Thank you very much to the management and staff of Conexus and professionals especially to Liza of the Philippines office, kudos to her, and to the rest of the candidates awaiting for their deployment. Live the dream!

    Anne, US RN
  • It has always been my dream to see and feel what life in the West is. Journeying everyday through challenges, never have I thought about letting go of my dreams. With the help of Conexus, my dreams turned into reality. Taking this huge step, my two kids and I left our home country, the Philippines, to start a new life in West Virginia. We are so thankful to Conexus for supporting us all throughout this journey. For accommodating us in every possible way, my family extends our gratitude to you. Thank you for introducing to us Jason, a co-worker, during our trip here in the United States, for making sure that we won’t be travelling the whole trip alone, for the housing accommodation, for introducing me to the management of the hospital and lastly, for assuring us that we can survive this drastic change in our lives. We really appreciate the effort you exerted since the day one. You don’t just grant wishes and dreams, you also build friendship.

    Jo Anne, US RN
  • I want to express my words of thanks to you and all the staff of Conexus for all your work in finding a job for me. I am in a state of anxiety although excitement is leading me along. I am looking forward to meeting you very soon. THANK YOU.

    Prodelyn, US RN
  • I am a Filipino BSN-RN working in a step down unit in Arizona, USA. I migrated here in October 2012. Since then (and even up to now that I am directly hired by the hospital where they have deployed me), I still communicate with Conexus; in fact I have built friendships with most of them. This good relationship led me to refer a Filipino friend who is already here in the US and I am happy with the way Conexus has helped her too. Conexus has assisted me throughout the process and has paid all fees to complete the requirements I need to work here in the US. They also helped me obtain an Immigration Visa, not only for me but for my entire family. Arriving in the US, Conexus arranged my travel and accommodation. They have paid for my first month apartment rental in anticipation that I might not be able to start working while waiting for my RN license. They have given me a sign-in bonus which is enough to buy what is necessary to start. Conexus has assured me that I have an employer who has hired me based on my competencies and skills. I received relevant benefits which include overtime pay, holiday pay, health and dental insurance, paid leaves and others that they have specifically outlined in my contract of employment. Throughout this placement process, Conexus has maintained an open line of communication with me, and I believe with the rest of their nurses. Being one of their first nurses deployed in US, they have been open for suggestions, they valued my opinions and I saw them change their process through this date to better serve their clients. In fact I have volunteered to offer my service as their Ambassador to meet and greet the new nurses coming in town to help better serve them. Looking back three years, I am grateful with what I have achieved, not really bragging, but I have bought my family a nice comfortable pool home, mobilized them with cars, my three sons are all outstanding in school, my husband has landed a decent IT job in the same hospital where I work and I simply love my life and my job. How did these all start? When Conexus helped me come here to the US. Conexus may still be young in this industry but their willingness and being open to learn and achieve more is what sets them apart from the rest of the companies who have been in this business for years and has stopped hearing from their nurses.

    Monette, US RN
  • The staff at Conexus have been absolutely amazing. Kirsty Docwra in the UK office gave me so much advice and support on obtaining my FCCPT certificate, and sitting the NPTE. Once I was at the stage of having a US license she passed me over to Tom Konitzer in the United States. Tom listened to exactly what were the most important issues for me to re-locate to the US with a young family and most certainly delivered. Both Kirsty and Tom have been so professional yet friendly and always approachable about the tiniest of irrelevant queries I have had. Communication is excellent with any contact responded to quickly. I can honestly say they made me feel like I was their only client. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone wanting to do the same.

    Jennifer M, Physiotherapist
  • I compiled with the required documents and in 3 months time I recieved my visa with a bonus. My kids who were not even born before 2012 embassy interview also made it here in the USA. 
    With Conexus, American Dream is real and not just a TV show or a dream. Thank you so much and keep it up!!!

    Mary, US RN
  • Thanks again for being a big part to achieve my american dream, truly you and my Conexus family will remain in my heart where we may be. You will always be treasured. Kudos to all of you! Hoping you will help more Filipino nurses and their families make their American dream come true... 

    'E', US RN
  • I just want to say that I am so glad to see you and very grateful that you really take good care of us when we arrived. We do appreciate it and will cherish and treasure it a lot. Your kindness to us is a blessing. 

    'R', US RN
  • I was inspired to become a nurse in the USA because of job security and many opportunities for advancement. I choose to be sponsored by Conexus Medsstaff because of their experience and their capability to provide better service as well as thei attentiveness to your needs. 

    Maria, US RN
  • I am with Conexus Medstaff who have been a good blessing to me, who remains very supportive, helpful and always sees the best in me through the years. I am so thankful to them for the warmth they give their nurses. I will forver grateful to Sir Thomas, Cynthia, Veronica, Sir Andrew, Liza, Cianne who I call Conexus 'Family'. 

    Racquel, US RN

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