International USA Graduates

The requirement for healthcare professionals is growing rapidly in the USA and there has never been a better time for healthcare graduates from across the world to embark on their career stateside.
If you are an International student studying in the USA for a Nursing or Allied Health qualification, then look no further. With an extra 1.2 million nurses needed in the USA by 2020 and the team at Conexus ready to handle your conversion from an F1/OPT to a permanent residency VISA, you’re already on the right track

Whether you are training to be a nurse, PT, OT or MT, the USA needs your skills. This high demand means that converting your OPT visa to a permanent residency visa to live and work in the USA is simpler and faster than ever before!

We work with over 85 hospitals in more than 20 states in the USA, and with close partnerships with leading healthcare facilities in the USA, we are able to offer talented medical graduates some of the most sought after positions on the American market.

We want to make sure that all of our graduates are set up for long term success in the USA, that’s why we only work with the best. You can rest assured that, like us, your new place of work will be dedicated to developing your professional career. Not only will you be given a chance to shine at doing the job that you love but you will also be continuously encouraged to use, share and expand your knowledge. As part of our programme, your new place of work will take you through a complete orientation plan. This will help you put down roots at work and where you live and make new friendships, it will also set you up for a successful future in the USA.

All of our client hospitals fully understand the benefits of international healthcare professionals and because of this they want to invest their time in you! With the high number of international healthcare professionals working at their hospitals, our clients understand the need to nurture healthcare professionals just like you, as you embark on your next adventure in the USA. It also means that you will never be too far away from someone who is going through a similar experience to you!

Besides the support from our client hospitals, the Conexus team will also be right beside you every step of the way, from the registration of your details, to your relocation, to the first day in your new role and beyond.

Not only do we cover the cost our your visa application, but we understand that applying for a visa can be a complicated process, that’s why our in-house Immigration team will be on hand to take the pain away. As a graduate with Conexus, you will be working on your F1 visa with your OPT. Our team of experts will then handle your Immigration Petition and your AOS in order to secure your permanent residency in the USA.

Your life outside of work matters too. Your well-being and your happiness is important to us and that’s why we promise to support you in every way.

Not only do we visit all of the hospitals that we work with to make sure that you have the support you need but we also spend time in all of the local communities where we place our graduates so that we can perfectly match our graduates to environments where we know you will thrive professionally and spiritually.

Moving to a new place isn’t easy for anyone, that’s why we understand that there is nothing more valuable for our graduates than connecting with other healthcare works to provide support, advice and friendship. You can be sure that as a healthcare graduate working with us, you will only ever be placed in a hospital where there are experienced Conexus healthcare professionals already on the ground so a friendly, reassuring face will never be far away.

Other benefits of working with Conexus include

  • We will pay you a 1,000 USD Deployment Bonus (net of tax) when you start your assignment with us in the USA.

  • You will be entitled to Paid Time Off (PTO)

We can make your dream of a long-term future in the USA a reality, so what are you waiting for come and talk to us today!