International Physicians

Conexus supports Physicians in the USA on a Residency or Fellowship for Visa waiver from J-1 to H1-B or EB-1 visa. 

At Conexus we work with over 85 acute care hospitals in over 20 states across the USA, providing us with unparalleled access to the most in demand positions. The rising demand for talented physicians in the USA continues to create rewarding opportunities for those looking to move to the US.

If you are an International Medical Graduate (IMG) currently doing a residency or fellowship in the United States on a J-1 visa and you are looking to extend your stay in the United States by obtaining either a H1-B visa or an EB-1 permanent residency green card visa then you have come to the right place.

The vast majority of our hospitals are located in Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) and medical underserved areas (MUAs) and as such we are well positioned to satisfy the waiver requirements that are needed to obtain a H1-B or green card permanent residency EB visa. On top of this, a number of our hospital locations tend to have year round availability through the Conrad 30 programme, making us the obvious choice when it comes to obtaining your J-1 visa.

Why Conexus?

We have an experienced team that has mobilized hundreds of international healthcare professionals to work in the United States. Through our years of experience, we have extensive knowledge of the immigration system within the United States, and we can promise that we are here to help our healthcare professionals every step of the way.

Benefits of working with Conexus MedStaff include:

  • Conexus manages and pays for the whole immigration and licensing process.
  • You will recieve a 1,000 USD Deployment Bonus (net of tax) when you start your assignment with us in the USA
  • Conexus covers the cost of relocation and resettlement in your new work location.
  • Conexus covers the cost of 60% support for your medical & dental insurance.
  • Conexus covers the cost of all professional related insurances including malpractice
  • Competitive PTO package 

If you want to know more about our J-1 sponsorship programme, fill in the form below or call one of the team today. We would love to help you make a start on your next career step so why not apply today