Learn about your emigration journey to the US with Conexus Medstaff

Emigration Journey for International Nurses

Once you have been successful in the Conexus Selection Process and have signed your employment contract, the team at Conexus will start to get your adventure under way!

We understand that every one of our international healthcare professionals has a different journey to take in getting to work in the USA, that’s why the Conexus team are on hand to guide each of our international candidates through the entire Emigration process.

Visa Application

At Conexus, we handle your visa application from start to finish so you don’t have to worry. All we will need from you are the relevant documents to submit your application.

The visa that we will apply for on your behalf will depend on your country of citizenship. To find out more about the visa types we offer, please visit the Learning Hub or to speak to a member of our Immigration team please contact us.

Pre Deployment

At this stage in the process we will make sure that you have all of the required documents up-to-date and ready so that we are prepared for the next step in your emigration journey. Whether it’s your passport or an active license, the Conexus team will be on hand to help gather and obtain relevant documents to ensure that the visa process runs as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Client Interview

The next stage is the client interview, which will be carried out when you are around three months away from your embassy interview. We will set up the client interviews for you and we will make sure to only set up interviews with hospitals we feel will match with your personal and professional preferences.

You will need to pass your client interview and know where you are going to be working in the USA ahead of your embassy interview as you will be required to take your offer letter confirming these details to your embassy interview. 

At this stage we will send you one of our Orientation packs that will give you more information about the location you will be living and working in. We will also put you in to contact with our community of nurses that are currently working at your new hospital so that you can speak to people who have already been through a similar experience.

Embassy Interview

At this point in the process things are starting to get very real and exciting! We will schedule an interview for you and, if applicable, your family at your local US Embassy. A few days after your interview you will receive your permanent residence visa, which means you are almost ready to go.

Because the Conexus team is with you every step of the way, we will carry out preparation interviews with you over the phone before your real interview so that you know what to expect and the right things to say. We will also provide you with a checklist with all of the right documents you will need to take.


Here you go! In order to make your transition to a new country as smooth as possible, Conexus will do everything that we can to prepare you and, if applicable, your family for arrival in the USA, including booking your flights, arranging accommodation and laying out your deployment itinerary.

A member of the Conexus team will be at the arrival airport to greet you and take you to your new home. We will spend time going through orientation at both your new place of work and within your new community, making sure you know all of the essentials – we’ll even make sure you know how to get to work and where to do your grocery shopping. Also, to ensure you’re ready to start your new job, we will go through your employee handbook, policies and procedures with you.

Demonstrating the importance of our Conexus family, we will introduce you to other Conexus nurses working in your area as part of our buddy system. We also make sure that you are connected to the wider Conexus network via our social media channels so you can always stay in touch with people who have been through a similar experience to you.

During the assignment we are there to support the candidate with our network of offices in the USA. Your account manager will make regular site visits and later in the assignments we will be there to talk about career options after completing the assignment. 

Now it's time for your adventure to begin! If you have any questions about the Emigration Journey please get in touch with us today.